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A Romance Author Finding Her Voice

Hi Lovers of Love,

I hope life is treating you with kindness and exposing its gratitude. When life's a drag, we tend to focus on the negative. A shame, right? Well, I hope to spread the word the importance on reflecting on the positives this week, or even within the last hour. They only make us stronger and happier.

This post is a reflection of my week and I hope you find your own center of inspiration from it. Because life is hard, girl! And it takes a thoughtful village to bring us together.

The topic is: "Why aren't I achieving what I dream."

I dream a lot. When I sleep (given) but mostly when I'm a awake. I am the "Secret Life of Walter Mitty". This movie focuses on a man with a wild imagination. So much so, he drifts into a waking sleep of fantasies filled with his aspirations for travel and adventure.

I'm him. My daydreams are so vivid I can smell and feel them. The rush of emotions from pleasure knocks me on my ass. They are so colorful and enthralling that when someone interrupts them, I'm confused and dumbfounded with the task at hand. It's incredible and a curse.

My dreams are filled with the "what ifs" and the later reflection of "Why are my goals not coming true?" This sends me into a tailspin from my authorpreneurship. I hate on myself, I feel as though I'm not doing enough! I throw more money at advertising my backlist and spin in an evolving circle that weakens me. The maze of circles has me confused and trying to find the "next big thing" to be found by new readers. "If only I could..." (You fill in the blank.)

So today, it hit me. The answer to my self-inflicted woes spoke to me. The answer was simple, "You're not working hard enough."

Wow. Not working hard enough? I'm killing myself! Well, not really but you get the picture. What I mean is I'm not exerting the "write" energy. Ah....lightbulb moment.

I'm turning on a light that's emblazzing the wrong ideals of being a "successful" author. The one that says, "Throw enough money at it and it will spark something." What I need is to click on the "write" lamp. The one that screams to get my butt in a chair and write my next story. (Then write another after that, and after that...)

Without more books, I'm pigeonholing myself into finding the same amazing readers I've earned. And I love them SO VERY MUCH! But the next step is to relate to new readers by exposing them to new stories. The result? Bringing more amazing women (and men) into my tribe.

Each book is a pathway to touching new souls. I've done nothing in the past year but waste time focusing on marketing (as a newish author) and not grinding the right stone, wishing it would polish. I wish I could go back and take back the time I'd misappropriated, but I can't. I can only learn from that and make a change in the future.

At the end of the day, my truest love is story-telling. A total immersion into my own unknown. My brain and heart have stories screaming for the light and I need to listen to that. All the other things will fall into place.

As a CEO of my own business, this is key. New books will reach new and existing fans. Without it, you're only pushing out noise. Meaning, my current backlist has had its time, it's had its light and in the future can only compliment the new releases to come. Make sense?

So if you are a new writer, or yet to be published, seek your limitations and know the best route is to write, write, write. The marketing stuff will come later.

A majority of us may never see the "luck" of have a breakout novel early-on so we need to keep pushing, keep learning, and keep writing.

Much love,

Nicky F. Grant

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