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Can time erase the past or is fate written in the stars?

A Girl Power Collection Novella about boss babes

and the men who fall.

As a former Sergeant for the US Army, I knew how to fall in line. However, I lacked patience. When my arrogant ego stepped in, damage occurred. My impulse to be the best crippled my father, severing our relationship and my career.

When Ward Technologies approached with my first solo task as a bodyguard, I couldn’t refuse the reward. It was simple: Collect a London scientist who held the codes to man-kind's ultimate mystery and deliver him and his discoveries to San Francisco. An invention that would turn the world upside down.

But Patrick Bruckheimer wasn’t just any scientist, he was my childhood friend. A boy who kissed me once. The one who left a scar on my lip. Someone who held my heart.

I was made to follow orders, but Patrick took precedence. He was mine to protect, and doing so would cost me my father’s love, my career, and potentially my life. But for him, I’d sacrifice it all.

What is the


Never underestimate the power of a woman...whether in the boardroom, bedroom, brewery, IT department and more....

Intrigued? You should be, you sexy boss babe!

33 romance authors teamed up to give readers 33 novellas about women on top...*coughs* male dominated industries that is.


Come join in on all the heat, passion, and romance you can stand!



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