beyond surrender series

The Beyond Surrender Series explores the darker, emotional side of kink and BDSM.  


Immerse yourself in their hearts and desires through angst and temptation on their quest to find love. 


These novels of passion, seduction, and heartbreak will forever be a part of you.

Do you dare?

*Each book is standalone, however recommended to read in order. 


From a bestselling romance author comes the beyond beginnings. An erotic tale of pushing boundaries and hope. Will they survive?
BEYOND THE MASKS, Breathtakingly beautiful. Troubled and suspenseful. A powerfully written love triangle that makes this an UNPUTDOWNABLE book
Beyond the Truth is both clever and daring romance. A strong heroine meets and alpha god in this suspensful romance meant to bring you to your knees
A heart wrenching BDSM romance filled with wonder, excitement, and a rocky marriage meant to be saved. Sharing is a dangerous game.
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Accolades for the series

“It’s DESIRE on FIRE. It is HARMONIC CHAOS. It is a DANGEROUS tale of complete SURRENDER and SHARING of bodies. It is a TEMPTING game full of KINK, PASSION, secret DESIRES and DISCOVERY.”

This book showed me how very important it is to truly love mind, body, and soul and how rare it is to be able to have all three at the same time.

Beyond the Masks ranks up there among the most well-written debut novels I've read...the story line was captivating and different...It's super sexy (like flaming hot!) and has a meaningful, emotional plot.


I love the way her stories and words are so passionately written and her writing is just impeccable.