Beyond Surrender Series

Book 1

A successful female CEO.

A merciless masked Dom.

And the fall of an empire.

“This book had me beyond fascinated. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough!”

~Brittany’s book blog

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"It took my breath away. It blew my mind. It ruined me. All my senses were awakened in the most primal ways. It seduced me like liquid passion running through my veins." GR Review

With his ring, I wed.
With his collar, I obey.

With my body, I share.

By my own free will, I surrendered my life to my Master. I vowed to honor him through my thoughts, words, and actions. We were linked by love and trust. He would never forsake me. He owned me. Even when sharing my body with other men.

But when tragedy strikes, his control attempts to carry us through. But cracks show in my surrender, and the cracks slowly break apart. Sharing my body always brought us closer. I had no choice but to invite another man into our marriage. 

There is only one man brave enough to show us who we are. Fox Baron. An artist, sex god, and my teacher. 

But I never expect what comes after. No longer will our metal rings and leather strap hold our future promises, they remind us of the things we wish to forget.

Sharing is a dangerous game and we may not survive